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The Digital Turn in Early Modern Japanese Studies


  • Online:2023-08-17 Published:2023-08-17

Abstract: Hosted by the University of Cambridge, the international symposium “The Digital Turn in Early Modern Japanese Studies” was held online from December 2nd to 4th,2022. “Early Modern Japan” is one of the most rapidly advancing and fertile fields in Japanese digital humanities research at this stage,and this conference showcased the characteristics of current Japanese DH research to some extent. The application of digital technologies and tools, such as OCR technology,the IIIF framework,GIS systems,and high - magnification digital microscopes,has pushed forward research on many fundamental issues in early modern Japanese studies,including handwriting recognition and reading. Also,digital humanities research has made excellent achievements in art,literature,and print culture,further promoting the accessibility of resources and the revitalization of traditional disciplines. At the same time,challenges like unresolved technical issues and the adaptability of digital resources still existed,as well as issues regarding the research environment,concepts,and ethics. Last but not least,some research perspectives shown at the conference could inspire Chinese digital humanities research,such as the emphasis on constructing portal websites and awareness of serving a wider range of people.

Key words: early modern Japan, digital humanities, conference review;OCR, IIIF, portal website, digital humanities education

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