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Analysis of the Digital Humanities Culture Analytics Field and Application Prospect of Large Language Models—Interview with Professor Matthew Wilkens


  • Online:2023-08-17 Published:2023-08-17


Cultural analytics under the digital humanities is a research field where scholars combine quantitative analysis from mathematics,statistics,and social sciences with complex large-scale social and cultural datasets. The article is an interview with Dr. Matthew Wilkens of Cornell University,an active scholar in this field. It includes an introduction to the current situation of the field,his research experience,prospects,educational ideas,and more. Dr. Wilkens believes that the methods and technologies of digital humanistic culture analysis are transferable,but to avoid the impulse of generalization and generalization,the field still faces two major challenges: one technical and one conceptual.In particular,the idea that literary and historical problems such as cultural evolution cannot be solved by close reading and that the core of some quantitative research is still humanism is still difficult to accept. This difficulty of conceptual change will make digital humanities research within the humanities stagnate. At present,there are signs that the growth of digital humanities will occur in information science and other technical disciplines. At the same time,the rapidly developing large-scale generative models have great application potential in the field of cultural analytics. It will be an important trend for humanists to cooperate with developers of large-scale language models in the future.

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